Alien vs Predators, Official Ultimate Map Pack

1. What is UMP?

UMP stands for Ultimate Map Pack. It is a map pack containing nearly every single custom map made for Aliens vs. Predator 2; hence the name "ultimate."

2. Who is the author of UMP?

00 aka DoubleZero & Doomguy is the author/creater of UMP. However, they did not make the actual maps in the map pack itself. What 00 did is combine hundreds of AvP2 custom maps into a single map pack. HHO can also be considered a semi-author of UMP with pumping out several UMP updates over the years. Then again, every mapper that has his/her map included in UMP has made a contribution as well and can be considered part-author.

3. What is the purpose of UMP?

The idea behind UMP is to have nearly all custom maps in a single download/package. Thus, the player only has to download one big map pack to have all the maps. This also helps players who wish to join servers that are using custom maps. If a server has the name UMP in it, every player joining the server will know he/she is covered and can join it if they have UMP installed.

4. Why is UMP so big?

It has a LOT of maps in it. The file size extra large due to the new textures and audio used in many custom maps.

5. What maps are in UMP?

UMP 1/2 & 3 is largely a combination of the following:

  • =ARC= Mappack
  • Avp2 dm mappack
  • Custom mappack 1
  • Custom mappack 2
  • Custom mappack 3
  • Custom mappack 3.1
  • Custom mappack 3.2
  • Custom mappack 4
  • Custom mappack 4 mini
  • HHO mappack
  • HHO 2004 mappack
  • HHO 2005 mappack
  • KW v1 mappack
  • KW v2 mappack
  • Multi mappack 1
  • Official multiplayer map update 1
  • RFW mappack
  • SC mappack
  • TALON mappack 1
  • TALON mappack 2
  • TALON mappack 3
  • Trog mappack 1
  • UMP1
  • UMP2
  • UMP2 updates 1-4
  • HHO's 2010 map pack
  • Imp Hunter's Suk map pack
  • HHO's Fortress 2 map pack

There are also several other maps included that have not been part of the aforementioned map packs.

6. What maps aren't in UMP?

To put it simply, maps that suck. These can be incomplete maps, buggy/glitchy maps, laggy/unrefined maps, maps missing textures, maps missing spawn points, old versions of maps, or maps that are just far too primitive (like a box room map).

7. What are the system requirments for UMP?

Generally speaking, the system requirements for default AvP2 should be fine. However, some maps make use of higher res textures, or push more polies on the screen. But being that many of these maps were made for a game that was released in 2001, pretty much any modern computer should handle UMP fine.

8. Why can't I add every map in UMP to my server at the same time?

If launching a server from in-game, there is a limit to the amount of maps you can add. Try to add your favorites and rotate them in and out from time to time.

9. How do I install UMP?

Extract the "Ultimate Mappack 3.7z" file out of the "Ultimate Mappack 3.7z" file.

Extract the "UMP 3" folder out of the "Ultimate Mappack 3.7z" file. (you need "WinRAR/7Zip" to open "Ultimate Mappack 3.7z" file)

Place the "UMP3" folder in your "Aliens Vs. Predator 2" folder. (the default is "c:\Program Files\Fox\Aliens Vs. Predator 2")

Start the game.

In the Game Launcher's Main Menu select: "Options".

Enter (copy and paste, if you like) into the "Command-Line" field: -rez UMP3

Check the box marked "Always specify these command-line parameters" to always load the mappack.

To return to the Game Launcher's Main Menu click: "Ok".

In the Game Launcher's Main Menu select: "Play".

The mappack is now installed.

10. How do I run UMP?

Enter "-rez UMP3" (without quotes) into your command line of your AvP2 Launcher and click ok.

It is recommended to run UMP first in your command line to avoid compatability issues.